1988- Young’s Piano Studio founded

1989- May- 1st Annual Piano Recital

1989- December- 1st Christmas Recital

1990- May- 2nd Annual Piano Recital

1990- December- 2nd Christmas Recital

1991- May- 3rd Annual Piano Recital

1991- December- 3rd Christmas Recital

1992- May- 4th Annual Piano Recital

1992- December- 4th Christmas Recital

1993- May- 5th Annual Piano Recital

1993- December- 5th Christmas Recital

1994- May- 5th Annual Piano Recital

1994- December- 6th Christmas Recital

1995- May- 7th Annual Piano Recital

1995- December- 7th Christmas Recital

1996- May- 8th Annual Piano Recital

1996- December- 8th Christmas Recital

1997- May- 9th Annual Piano Recital

1997- December- 9th Christmas Recital

1998- Ms. Christine Lee writes Music Columns for Central Daily Newspaper

1998- May- 10th Annual Piano Recital

1998- December- 10th Christmas Recital

1999- May- 11th Annual Piano Recital

1999- December- 11th Christmas Recital

2000- May- 12th Annual Piano Recital

2000- Hawaii Piano State Competition (Hawaii Music Teachers Association) 3rd place

2000- December- 12th Christmas Recital

2001- May- 13th Annual Piano Recital

2001- Ms. Christine Lee broadcasted a radio show on music history and pedagogy by Seoul Korea Radio Station for three months

2001- Hawaii Piano State Competition (Hawaii Music Teachers Association) 2nd place

2001- December- 13th Christmas Recital

2002- May- 14th Annual Piano Recital

2002- Hawaii Piano State Competition (Hawaii Music Teachers Association) 1st place

2002- December- 14th Christmas Recital

2003- May- 15th Annual Piano Recital

2003- December- 15th Christmas Recital

2004- May- 16th Annual Piano Recital

2004- December- 16th Christmas Recital

2005- May- 17th Annual Piano Recital

2005- December- 17th Christmas Recital

2006- Ms. Christine Lee receives NCTM (Nationally Certified Teacher of Music) in piano – out of hundreds music teachers in Hawaii, only 7 piano teachers holds this honor.

2006- Ms. Christine Lee officially honored at 2006 Music Teachers National Association Conference held in Austin Texas

2006- May- 18th Annual Piano Recital

2006- November- 18th Winter Duo Recital

2007- May- 19th Annual Piano Recital

2007- November- Ms. Chrisitine was invited to a local Korean radio station (AM1460kHZ)

2007- November- 19th Winter Duo Recital

2008- April- 20th Annual Piano Recital

2008- November- 20th Winter Duo Recital

2009- April- 21st Annual Piano Recital

2009- November- 21st Winter Duo Recital

2010- Student perform at the PianoMania Concert

2010- Hawaii Piano State Competition (Hawaii Music Teacher Association) Honorable Mention

2010- May- 22nd Annual Piano Recital

2010-November-22nd Winter Duo Recital

2011- Hawaii Piano State Competition (Hawaii Music Teacher Association) 3rd place

2011- Students perform at the Aloha Piano International Convention

2011-May-23rd Annual Piano Recital

2011-November-23rd Winter Duo Recital

2012-June-24th Annual Piano Recital

2012- November-4th, 45th Annual Hawaii Music Teachers Association piano competition, our outstanding students Iris Yun (Level 1) and Jae Youn Lee (Level 4) won 3rd Place

2012-2014 HMTA Executive Board Parliamentarian Christine Lee NCTM

2013-June-25th Annual Piano Recital

2013-November-25th Winter Duo Recital

2013-Hawaii Piano State Competition (Hawaii Music Teacher Assoication) 2nd place tie Iris Yun and Iasabella Lui

2014- June 8th 26th Annual PIano Recital

2014- Iris Yun 2nd Place in HMTA Competition

2014- 26th Winter Recital

2015- 27th  Annual Recital

2015- 27th Winter Recital

2016-28th Annual Recital

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